Our Unique Approach to Neurological Care

At the Achillefs Ntranos MD P.C. clinic, we don’t just see patients; we embrace individuals. Each person’s neurological journey is unique, and we’re here to provide compassionate, personalized care every step of the way. Our mission: World-class neurological care accessible to everyone, no matter where they are.

Typical Care Needs Improvement


Distance Barriers

Often, patients need to travel far to get the best care. This can be especially challenging for those with neurological conditions, mobility constraints, or those residing in remote areas.


Wait Time for Specialists

Many face prolonged waits to see a neurologist. This delay can be distressing for those seeking immediate answers.


Continuity Concerns

Many patients switch between multiple neurologists across various facilities before getting a proper diagnosis or treatment. This inconsistency can hinder outcomes.

Expertise Gaps

Not all neurologists specialize in MS and demyelinating diseases, leading to potential discrepancies in the depth and quality of care.

Redefining Neurological Care

Typical Care vs
Achillefs Ntranos MD P.C.

Typical Care

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Achillefs Ntranos MD P.C.

Wait Time to See a Neurologist

35 Days*

24 hours

Appointment Duration

15-30 Minutes

60 minutes

Convenient At-Home or Video Visits

Same or Next Day Appointments

24/7 Access to Care Team

Medication Delivered to Doorstep

Get Your Labs Drawn at Home

Remote Patient Monitoring

Personalized Treatment Options

*American Academy of Neurology

Why Choose Us?

Unwavering Dedication

Unwavering Dedication.

Passion fuels our commitment to providing exceptional, tailored care. Experience the best in neurology, backed by relentless research.

Personal Touch

Personal Touch.

As part of our family, feel the genuine concern of world-class neurologists who prioritize your well-being, keeping you involved in every decision.

Tailored Solutions

Tailored Solutions.

Your neurological condition is unique. We ensure our treatments are too. Benefit from therapies designed specifically for you

Seamless Communication

Seamless Communication.

Whether in California, New York, or Florida, our neurologist is readily available—just a call, text, or email away through secure, HIPAA-compliant channels.

Ultimate Convenience

Ultimate Convenience.

With in-person consultations in Beverly Hills and expansive telehealth services across key states, manage your neurological health from the comfort of your home or our state-of-the-art facility.

Future-Ready Care

Future-Ready Care.

We're at the forefront of technology, leveraging telehealth solutions to complement in-person visits and optimize your treatment outcomes.

The Difference We Make

Listening, Always

He’s extremely professional, compassionate and highly knowledgeable. He listens and takes notes. It’s rare to see this level of service quality in the US. I was pleasantly surprised.


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Genuine Care

Excellent experience. Professional, supremely knowledgeable, precise and thorough doctor. Spent time and attended to all questions. i will come back and would recommend most highly. This doctor actually called me back a couple of days after the appointment to check on my wellbeing..


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Collaborative Solutions

I had a video consult with Dr. Ntranos. The exam was thorough and his demeanor was comforting. He listened to all of my concerns and asked questions that really helped guide me through my issue. The remedies we came up with together wound up being very helpful. Also, he followed up to see how I was feeling. Great Dr! Very highly recommended!


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