White matter lesions

White Matter Lesions

White matter lesions, also known as leukoaraiosis, are common in older adults or patients with migraines and their effects can range from being harmless and benign to cognitive impairment and reduction of overall brain health.At our Beverly Hills clinic, we offer specialized treatment plans to address white matter lesions and improve brain function. Don't let these conditions affect your quality of life - book an appointment with us today and take the first step towards a healthier brain.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are White Matter lesions?

White matter lesions are most often seen as bright areas or spots on brain MRI scans. They can be caused by many different processes and can frequently be attributed to normal ageing. Apart from inflammation, which includes the diseases discussed above, other causes of white matter lesions are migraines, high blood pressure, diabetes, blood vessel blockage or genetic mutations.

What are the symptoms of White Matter lesions?

White Matter lesions that are not caused by inflammation, lack of blood flow or genetic mutations, usually do not cause any symptoms.

How do you know you have White Matter lesions?

A Brain MRI is necessary to determine if someone has White Matter lesions. It is important to differentiate between benign causes of White Matter lesions and causes that need treatment. This is done by history, exam, imaging and blood tests.

How do you treat White Matter lesions?

Because White Matter lesions can be caused by many different diseases, an accurate diagnosis is necessary to determine the best treatment. Benign causes usually do not require treatment, apart from controlling the inciting factor.